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The COVID-19 Fugue

The COVID-19 Fugue

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Note: This is the Piano version. To properly to play this piece you need to be able to reach a 10th.


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... Or in my case; make a fugue.

In an attempt to make the best out of the weird times we live in, my musical contribution to the worldwide pandemic comes in the form of a complex, 4-plus-voice fugue, based on the subject of the ...virus itself! 

With some touches of artistic freedom, I interpreted "COVID-19" as an acronym for the musical terms "C° V-I D 1-9" (as explained at the beginning of the video) which when combined, shape a rather spicy fugue subject.

It was no surprise that the subject's 'unorthodox' nature made it quite challenging to integrate it in a tonal context;...a fact, however, that posed no obstacle to two-weeks worth of quarantine-induced free time, together with some Regerian/Mendessohnian inspiration.

Putting all my music degrees in practice, I created a 'viral' (pun intended) fugue, which will take you on a journey across 7 tonalities, 12 subject entries and lots of juicy modulations.

The fugue is available in the following instrumentations:

For Piano Solo

For Organ Solo

For String Quartet

For String Orchestra

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    Licensing is managed by Buma/Stemra

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